Supplemental medical plans from Unum provide cash payments in the event of a significant unexpected medical expense. On their own, these plans don’t provide comprehensive medical coverage for your day-to-day health care needs. Rather, they’re intended to supplement the coverage provided by your primary medical plan.

You pay the full cost of coverage through post-tax payroll deductions. Be sure to consider your anticipated medical needs for the coming year — for example, a major surgery — when deciding if supplemental coverage is right for you. You can make changes to these plans at any time.

Note: You can continue your supplemental medical coverage if you leave WinnCompanies.

Critical Illness Insurance

When a serious illness strikes, critical illness insurance can provide financial support to help you through a difficult time. It protects against the financial impact of certain illnesses, such as a heart attack or stroke. Cancer coverage is also available.

You choose a lump-sum benefit up to $30,000 that’s paid directly to you at the first diagnosis of a covered condition. You can use the benefit any way you choose — use it to cover out-of-pocket expenses for your treatment, to pay your coinsurance, or to take care of your everyday living expenses such as housekeeping services, special transportation services, and child care.

You can use your critical illness coverage more than once. If you receive a full benefit payout for covered illnesses, your coverage can be continued for the remaining covered conditions. The diagnosis of a new covered illness must occur at least 90 days after the most recent diagnosis and be medically unrelated. Each condition is payable once per lifetime.

Pre-existing condition limitation applies. Please refer to the information provided in your certificate or consult with a benefit representative to determine what would be considered a pre-existing condition.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

A trip to the hospital can be stressful, and so can the bills. Even with a comprehensive medical plan, you may still have out-of-pocket expenses.

Hospital indemnity insurance provides benefits to help alleviate the unexpected costs of a hospital stay. The plan pays benefits to help cover expenses — such as deductibles, coinsurance, and household bills — if you are admitted to the hospital for a covered illness or injury. This coverage pays a benefit directly to you regardless of any other coverage you have.

Coverage is available for you, your spouse, and dependent children. The plan pays the following benefits:

Service Hospital Indemnity Benefit Paid to You
Hospital admission $1,000 (once per coverage year)
Hospital confinement $100 per day, up to 15 days per calendar year
Intensive care $200 per day, up to 15 days (once per calendar year)
Emergency room treatment (for an accident) $150 (once per calendar year)
Ambulance transportation $100 (once per calendar year)
Air ambulance transportation $500 (once per calendar year)

For more information, visit the Employee Resources page on Winntranet to see the detailed plan certificate.