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10/28/19: Regional Medical Plan Options


For 2020, WinnCompanies is investing in new medical plan options that give you the flexibility to select the right coverage and cost for your family and encourage you to seek high-quality, cost-effective care — the $1,250 PPO Plan, the $1,850 PPO Plan, and the $2,850 PPO HDHP with HSA, administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). If you live in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or California, you will have additional regional medical plan options with lower contributions to choose from. Review the information relevant to your state of residence below to learn more.

For New Hampshire and Massachusetts Team Members

If you live in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, you have three regional medical plan options through Blue Cross Blue Shield to choose from: the $1,250 PPO with Hospital Choice Cost Share, the $1,850 PPO with Hospital Choice Cost Share, and the $2,850 PPO HDHP with HSA with Hospital Choice Cost Share.

With the BCBS Hospital Choice Cost Share medical plan options:

  • You receive the same benefits as you would under the national plans through BCBS, but your cost share for hospital services will differ depending on which hospital you visit.
  • You choose where you want to seek care at the point of service. If you choose a higher cost tier hospital (such as Boston Children’s Hospital), you will pay a larger portion of the total cost of covered services* than if you choose a lower cost tier hospital. All in-network hospitals, including lower cost tier hospitals, meet BCBS standards for quality of care.
  • Your per-paycheck cost for medical coverage is less than it would be under the BCBS national plans.

*Covered services include inpatient care, outpatient day surgery, outpatient high-tech radiology, outpatient diagnostic lab tests, outpatient diagnostic x-rays and other imaging tests, and outpatient short-term rehabilitation therapy when care is provided in a hospital. Please see the Summary Plan Description for the full list of services.

Did you know?

84% of in-network hospitals in Massachusetts and 100% of in-network hospitals in New Hampshire belong to the Lower Cost Share network.

Determine whether a Hospital Choice Cost Share plan is right for you.
  • Are the providers you currently use part of the Lower Cost Share network? View the 2020 network hospital list to see if the hospitals and facilities where you and your family receive care have a Higher or Lower Cost Share.
  • Are you willing to switch providers to save on healthcare costs?
  • Do you want more take-home pay? You can save up to $100 per month on medical plan contributions when you choose a Hospital Choice Cost Share plan.

For California Team Members

If you live in California, you may have two regional medical plan options through Kaiser to choose from, depending on your ZIP code: the $900 HMO and the $2,850 HMO HDHP with HSA.

With the Kaiser HMO options:

  • You pay less in medical plan contributions than you would under the standard BCBS options.
  • You receive coverage for services only when using Kaiser’s network of providers, and your provider network is smaller than under the standard BCBS medical plans.
  • Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) will coordinate your care and provide referrals if you need to see a specialist to help you manage costs. If you choose to see a doctor outside of the Kaiser network, you pay the entire cost of your visit and any services you receive.

The Kaiser HMOs are not available everywhere. These options will only be displayed on the MM365+ Enrollment Site if your home ZIP code is within the Kaiser service area.

Determine whether a Kaiser HMO plan is right for you.
  • Is the Kaiser network available near you? Are you willing to switch providers to save on healthcare costs? Use Kaiser’s Find a Doctor search tool to search for healthcare providers in your area.
  • Are you comfortable visiting your PCP for all your healthcare needs?
  • Do you or your family members see specialists often?
  • Do you want more take-home pay? You’ll save on medical plan contributions when you choose a Kaiser HMO plan.

Learn More and Enroll

Starting October 28, visit the MM365+ Enrollment Site for detailed information on your regional medical plan offerings, including cost estimator tools and plan comparison charts. Or, call the MM365+ Benefits Center at 1-855-559-4515 to speak with a benefits counselor who can help you decide if a regional medical plan is right for you.

10/4/2019: Introducing MM365+!

WinnCompanies has partnered with Mercer Marketplace 365+ (MM365+), a next-generation digital benefits enrollment platform and call center, to offer a new approach to benefits for 2020. MM365+ is available anytime, from any device, and provides a guided enrollment experience so you can select the plans that make the most sense for you and your family. MM365+ will be available beginning October 28, 2019.

Key Features

MM365+ tools and resources make it easy for you to choose your benefits with confidence. The site is available in English and Spanish and features:

  • Expert Guidance: Not sure what plans are best for you and your family for 2020 or want to learn more about your coverage options? With the Expert Guidance feature, you can answer a few quick questions about your health status and MM365+ will generate a customized benefits package to provide the best match for you.
  • Cost Estimator: See how your medical plan options compare. Simply enter information about your expected healthcare needs for the upcoming year and get a personalized estimate of how much you can expect to pay under each plan available to you.
  • Educational Resources: When you log in to MM365+, you’ll find benefits information and helpful resources like educational articles and videos, your 2020 Decision Guide, and more.
  • MM365+ Call Center: Have a question about WinnCompanies’ 2020 benefits offerings? Not sure which medical plan option is right for you? English- and Spanish-speaking benefits counselors can answer questions and provide personalized recommendations based on your needs – year-round.
  • More Choices for 2020: This year, you have more benefits to choose from, like home and auto insurance, identity theft protection, legal insurance, pet insurance, and more – all available on the MM365+ enrollment platform.

Get Ready for Enrollment

Open Enrollment is October 28 – November 11, 2019.

  • Watch the Welcome video to learn more about what MM365+ has to offer.
  • Review the 2020 Decision Guide when it arrives in the mail in late October to understand your benefit options.
  • Consider your family’s healthcare needs for 2020.
  • Attend an Open Enrollment overview hosted by the Winn benefits team. Dates and times will be announced in the next few weeks.
  • Continue to check this Benefits Update page for more information about your 2020 benefit options before and during enrollment.

Visit MM365+ starting October 28 to choose your benefits, or call the MM365+ Benefits Center at 1-855-559-4515 from 7am – 9pm ET, Monday through Friday and Saturdays 10am – 2pm ET, to speak with a benefits counselor in English or Spanish.